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Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers

November 24, 2022|Categories: Nitrogen Management, OFCAF|

Confused about the differences when it comes to nitrogen fertilizer technologies? You're not alone!  Check out Perennia's new factsheet and learn the difference between controlled release fertilizers, slow release fertilizers, urease inhibitors, nitrification inhibitors, and dual inhibitors. As fertilizer [...]

What can we expect for winter 2022-23? A summary from the National Agroclimate Risk Report (AAFC)

November 8, 2022|Categories: OFCAF|

What can we expect for winter 2022-23?  A summary from the National Agroclimate Risk Report (AAFC)    As we are heading into the winter months, I like to share some valuable information from the National Agroclimate Risk Report. The [...]

Increasing your learning around cover cropping, rotational grazing, and nitrogen management

October 7, 2022|Categories: Cover Crops, Nitrogen Management, OFCAF, Rotational Grazing|

Are you interested in discovering more about cover crops, nitrogen management, and/or rotational grazing? How about improving your current practices in these areas? Check out the Farm Resilience Mentorship Program (FaRM), an online learning program. The FaRM program is [...]

Chatting about rotational grazing with Amber and Steve Kenyon

September 20, 2022|Categories: OFCAF, Rotational Grazing|

By Katie Trottier, Ruminant Livestock Specialist Steve and Amber Kenyon own and operate Greener Pastures Ranching in Alberta, a custom grazing operation with a focus on regenerative agriculture. Steve also teaches grazing management, writes for Canadian Cattle magazine and [...]

Field Day August 17th – Rotational Grazing: Thinking it Through

August 11, 2022|Categories: Rotational Grazing|

Upcoming field walk at the Digby Pasture!  Rotational grazing: thinking it through. Please join Perennia Extension staff for a hands-on workshop on August 17, 2022 at 3:00 to learn how to develop a rotational grazing system and improve pasture [...]

Improving Pasture and Hayfields by No-Till Interseeding

July 25, 2022|Categories: Nitrogen Management, Rotational Grazing|

Productivity of low-yielding forage stands can be improved through interseeding.  Interseeding a legume into a grass stand, for example, can increase yields, improve forage quality, and reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizer.  Introducing a productive grass into a thin, [...]

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