Need help setting some goals for what you want your cover crop to do for your farm?  Check out the Innovations in Cover Crops: Cover Crop Decision Tool.  You can set a goal such as “organic matter builder” or “legume N source” to see what species might suit your needs best.  Choose your province and county for planting date windows best suited to your region.  For producers who don’t see their county represented, choose a similar eco-region.  Click on the cover crop species to find seeding rates and other useful tips such as termination information.

Still want to learn more about cover crops?  Check out Perennia Specialists Rosalie Gillis-Madden and Sonny Murray as they star in this 12-part YouTube series on how to integrate cover crops on your farm.  Learn more about Brassica cover crops, buckwheat, warm season grasses, cool season grasses, cereals as cover crops, legumes, frostseeding, and underseeding!