Are you interested in discovering more about cover crops, nitrogen management, and/or rotational grazing? How about improving your current practices in these areas? Check out the Farm Resilience Mentorship Program (FaRM), an online learning program. The FaRM program is brought to you by Farmers for Climate Solutions, who are a Canadian coalition of farmers and farmer supporting organizations who work to support farmers to reduce emissions and build resilience in the face of climate change.

FaRM gives you access to online course material, so you can learn on your own time, but also has great connections so you can talk to mentors and other farmers about how you can implement what you learned on your own farm, or discuss what you currently do and how you can improve!

The courses include both short videos and reading material that are easy to follow and you can start and stop your learning journey whenever you have the time. This content was created by and for farmers all across Canada. FaRM includes some regionally specific information as well as general knowledge, and highlights farmers across the country who share their personal experiences and practices.

FaRM modules on cover crops and rotational grazing launched recently, with nitrogen management modules expected in the coming months.  It will be offered for the next four years.

Are you a recipient of OFCAF project funding?  You are required to complete an educational activity related to the practice(s) being adopted, and the FaRM modules are a great way to check those boxes!  It is a free training and mentorship program, all you need is access to the internet.