We have had a busy winter!  There are lots of great new resources that have been developed over the last several months to help further your journey in cover cropping, nitrogen management, and rotational grazing.  You can find all of this on our OFCAF website and on Perennia’s YouTube channel, but here is a rundown of what you may have missed!

Some great instructional YouTube videos featuring farmers and Perennia Specialists:

Frost Seeding Red Clover into Winter Wheat

Cover Crops at Andeson’s Farm Stand

Interseeding Cover Crops into Corn

Cover Crops in Strawberry Production






Have you seen our series from Pasadena, NL with Andy Wright from Wright’s Family Farm?

Rye Cover Crops in Pasadena, NL: Wright’s Family Farm Series, Part 1

Fall rye planting dates in Pasadena, NL: Wright’s Family Farm Series, Part 2

Oats and Peas in Pasadena, NL – Wright’s Family Farm Series, Part 3







As we get into planting, time in front of the computer is a thing of the past, but you can always put some ear buds in and check out one of our great podcasts.

You can also listen in to one of our recent webinars, there’s a lot of good information here, and all recorded and on the Perennia YouTube channel:

If you have some downtime, may we suggest checking out some of our recent factsheets on improving nitrogen management?  Learn more about

If rotational grazing is of interest to you, we have factsheets on improving pastures by no-till interseeding, as well as overseeding legumes.

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