Application Update April 2024

The OFCAF application deadline for the Spring 2024 intake will be closing April 12th, 2024. This is a reminder to folks to fully complete and send their application by this Friday For any questions around the three beneficial management practices and applying them to your farm contact Georgia Lewis at or 902-670-9655 For questions surrounding the application itself and eligible criteria contact Helene Arenburg at or Sarah Wood at We are looking

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Upcoming OFCAF Events for Winter 2024 – and Farmer Resilience

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2024! On behalf of the OFCAF team at Perennia. We truly hope you were able to enjoy the holiday season! These last few weeks, while catching up on Ag news from across the country, it is pretty easy to see the trend of what most Ag journalist, economist, and industry folk are writing about. As we attempt to summarize the year, most first paragraphs begin with "This last

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A Brief Introduction and Update

  Happy Friday Folks  As this is my first blog post, please allow me to introduce myself as the new OFCAF team member here at Perennia, my name is Georgia Lewis.  I grew up in Kingston, Nova Scotia and graduated from the NSAC in 2014. I am very excited to be part of the Perennia team and to be working hand in hand with farmers and industry within our Atlantic region.  Last weekend I was

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Upcoming In-Person Events

A few new events focusing on rotational grazing have been added to our training page! We have some exciting upcoming events happening, all surrounding the topic of rotational grazing. We have three events happening over in Newfoundland and Labrador: On the East Coast: October 2nd from 10 AM – 12 PM at Foxtrap Community Pasture and 2 PM – 4 PM at Bay Roberts Community Pasture (Register HERE) On the West Coast: October 4th from

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Check out some of our new educational materials!

We have had a busy winter!  There are lots of great new resources that have been developed over the last several months to help further your journey in cover cropping, nitrogen management, and rotational grazing.  You can find all of this on our OFCAF website and on Perennia's YouTube channel, but here is a rundown of what you may have missed!Some great instructional YouTube videos featuring farmers and Perennia Specialists: Frost Seeding Red Clover into

Upcoming Rotational Grazing In-Person Workshops!

Interested in learning more about rotational grazing? Did you hear about our two upcoming, in-person workshop events? These events will consist of short presentations, followed by a practical activity. Have you ever wondered just how big your paddocks have to be, or how often you have to move your livestock to have an impact on your pasture’s health and productivity? Not sure how you’d have to set up your watering system to make rotational

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Calibrating a Broadcast Seeder

Frost seeding is a good way to improve a pasture or for seeding cover crops. A handheld broadcaster or a broadcaster mounted on an ATV is an easy way to get the job done. If you are thinking of trying frost seeding with a broadcaster for the first time you should know that calibrating your broadcaster is a really good idea, just like you would do for your seeders and sprayers. Calibration will ensure

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New Factsheet: How to Interpret a Compost Analysis Report!

There are many different types of compost, and figuring out how your crops and soils might respond to compost can be challenging.  To help guide you in how to best use compost to benefit your farm, it is always recommended to get a compost analysis.  Some compost retailers will have these readily available, all you have to do is ask.  If you make compost yourself on farm, it never hurts to send a sample

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How much soil in the Annapolis Valley will be covered this winter?

Cover crops can provide a huge variety of advantages, reducing soil erosion, improving soil structure and drainage, capturing atmospheric carbon, and more!  We have had a remarkably warm and open winter in Nova Scotia this year and having a cover crop in place is imperative to protect your soil.  We have made some great strides with increasing the acres in cover crops over the past several years, but it is not time to rest on

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Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizers

Confused about the differences when it comes to nitrogen fertilizer technologies? You're not alone!  Check out Perennia's new factsheet and learn the difference between controlled release fertilizers, slow release fertilizers, urease inhibitors, nitrification inhibitors, and dual inhibitors. As fertilizer prices continue to increase, improvements in fertilizer-use efficiency can help you get the most out of your investment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding the different tools and technologies that are available to you will

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