Product Registration Changes Impacting Horticulture and Field Crops: Q&A with Perennia Specialists

Every year, crop production is impacted when pesticide products are cancelled or when labels are updated to include amendments to use patterns. In a changing regulatory climate, it can be hard to keep up.  Join us to learn updates from our team of Perennia Specialists who are here to support you in the horticulture and field crops sectors. The focal crops during the session are apples, grapes, wild blueberries, cranberries, vegetables, berries, cannabis and field

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Manure Separation

Picture 2. Close-up of the NC Engineering separator. Picture 1. The layout of the outdoor manure separating area. On a recent trip to the UK, I visited Lower Farm in Warwickshire, a dairy farm where they were separating out the solids, liquid and sand in the manure. It is common to see manure separation in Europe as a whole, primarily to just separate the liquid and solid fraction, however this was

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The effect of residual herbicides on cover crop establishment

Last winter, in a Horticulture Nova Scotia Research and Advisory committee meeting, we were discussing the effect of residual herbicides on cover crop establishment.  Very good tables are available on the residual effects of herbicides used in field crops on cover crop establishment, but many of the horticultural herbicides are not include in these tables. In order to answer the question: “Which cover crops are best suited to be planted after commonly used horticultural residual

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