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The effect of residual herbicides on cover crop establishment

January 17, 2023|Categories: Cover Crops, Uncategorized|Tags: , |

Last winter, in a Horticulture Nova Scotia Research and Advisory committee meeting, we were discussing the effect of residual herbicides on cover crop establishment.  Very good tables are available on the residual effects of herbicides used in field crops on

New Factsheet: How to Interpret a Compost Analysis Report!

January 6, 2023|Categories: Nitrogen Management, OFCAF|Tags: , , |

There are many different types of compost, and figuring out how your crops and soils might respond to compost can be challenging.  To help guide you in how to best use compost to benefit your farm, it is always

How much soil in the Annapolis Valley will be covered this winter?

January 3, 2023|Categories: Cover Crops, OFCAF|

Cover crops can provide a huge variety of advantages, reducing soil erosion, improving soil structure and drainage, capturing atmospheric carbon, and more!  We have had a remarkably warm and open winter in Nova Scotia this year and having a cover



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