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We have had a busy winter!  There are lots of great new resources that have been developed over the last several months to help further your journey in cover cropping, nitrogen management, and rotational grazing.  You can find all of this on our OFCAF website and on Perennia's YouTube channel, but here is a rundown of what you may have missed!Some great instructional YouTube videos featuring farmers and Perennia Specialists: Frost Seeding Red Clover into

The effect of residual herbicides on cover crop establishment

Last winter, in a Horticulture Nova Scotia Research and Advisory committee meeting, we were discussing the effect of residual herbicides on cover crop establishment.  Very good tables are available on the residual effects of herbicides used in field crops on cover crop establishment, but many of the horticultural herbicides are not include in these tables. In order to answer the question: “Which cover crops are best suited to be planted after commonly used horticultural residual

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Calibrating a Broadcast Seeder

Frost seeding is a good way to improve a pasture or for seeding cover crops. A handheld broadcaster or a broadcaster mounted on an ATV is an easy way to get the job done. If you are thinking of trying frost seeding with a broadcaster for the first time you should know that calibrating your broadcaster is a really good idea, just like you would do for your seeders and sprayers. Calibration will ensure

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